Your GLAMOUR GIRL will feel like a star when receiving the VIP treatment with our spa & beauty themed party! Our Glam-Squad will guide the girls through mini facials, make up application, and mani- pedi’s for a luxurious time with friends! From sparkly toes to complete makeovers, this party will be one your little girl remembers for all of time! We come to you (HELLO, MOBILE!). We bring everything needed from table linens, to Spa Robes. Allowing parents to just sit back and relax. Pamper your little girl and her friends with our fabulous Mobile Spa Parties. We recommend ages 5 -12 for this Spa party. For any questions please Contact Us here.


  • Mini Mani- your choice of the latest color all natural nail polishes including sparkles and gems.
  • Mini Pedi- Start with a soak in a warm foot bath followed by the latest color nail polishes.
  • Fruity Facial: An all natural fruity mask.
  • Glitter tattoo
  • Karaoke station
  • Use of Spa Robes
  • 2 – 3 hostesses
  • 1.5 – 2 hours of Service
  • Kid friendly magazines
  • Pink lemonade in a champagne flute to toast the “Birthday Girl”
  • Set up and removal
  • Table & chairs for facial station
  • Heart ottomans and pink tufted bench for pedicure station


  •  Up to 8 girls


  •  Up to 12 girls


  •  Up to 16 girls max



  • Paper Goods from our online store TBD 
  • Party Favors – $10 – $15 each
  • Glitter Tattoos – $5 per guest
  • Beauty Bar/Makeup: $10 per guest
  • Rainbow Hair Extensions: $5 per guest
  • Add Time: $150 30 minutes
  • Photo Booth: $550 duration of party. Approximately 2 hours by Be Glam Photo Booth
  • “Modern fluff” Cotton Candy Cart. All organic cotton candy. Flavors include; champagne, rose, strawberry, pear, mango, coconut, horchata, lemon, lychee, vanilla, and many more.






Reservations: Please call or e-mail us to schedule your party at least 2 weeks in advance of your desired party date. (Please see our Rush Policy regarding parties set for less than 2 weeks out) Once you have chosen a party date and time a party agreement will be emailed for your signature and a SQUARE Invoice request will be emailed to you for payment.

Payment/ Deposit: Deposit: NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit Fees vary to each package and are due to reserve a party date. Please see your respective package for deposit rates. Your deposit will secure your reservation, and we will begin finalizing and creating your exclusive PNG event invitation. Credit or debit card payments will be subject to a 3.5% processing fee. A SQUARE  invoice will be sent to collect deposit.

Taxes: Taxes will be included on Final Invoice.

Special Accommodations: When we make special accommodations outside of our normal written policies, the balance for those accommodations are due upon receipt. Should we not receive the balance forward, along with a filled out Party Agreement, within a timely manner (24 hours), the party is subject to cancellation or the accommodations will be null and void.

A La Carte/ Additional Party Guests: All upgrades/additions are non-refundable and due at your consultation. To ensure all necessary items are available for each event, The Modern Girl Party & Co. orders supplies well in advance to avoid delays or interruption of service. For this reason all party additions are non-refundable including the cost of additional guests, meaning if you tell us 10 guests will arrive and only 6 attend the event, we can not refund the cost of the 4 guests who did not show. We base our quantities, materials, tables, chairs, and table accommodations based on the number of guests you plan to arrive.

15% Auto Gratuity will also be include for all parties.

Final Payment: Remaining balance is due at least 14 days prior to your event (should your 2 weeks fall on a weekend date, we request balances be paid the previous business day, Friday). No exceptions. No payments will be accepted on the day of the party and payments are only received online or by check. If we are unable to process this payment, we reserve the right to cancel your event.  No exceptions.

Please also note our Payment Guidelines as follows.

All outstanding balances are due on or by 2 weeks from your event (should your 2 weeks fall on a weekend date, we request balances be paid the previous business day, Friday). Payments not received within this time frame will result in the cancellation of your party as mentioned in our Policies.(There is no exception to this policy) We are a reservation based company and do not keep dates with un-paid balances due to high demand for party reservations.

Should we not receive these balances The Modern Girl Party & Co. reserves the right to cancel your event for failure to maintain contractual obligations as noted in our Party Agreement.

Forms of Payment: We accept credit/debit/checks.

Rush Policy: If you are requesting, and we have available, a party date less than 2 weeks before the party date, we may require a rush fee. The rush fee is $50.00. Additionally, if we do not receive your final guest list at least 7 days prior to your event you will be charged a $30 rush fee to accommodate shipping charges of our customized items.

Can you accommodate a large party?

Yes, we can. However, please note that the party packages on our Web site were designed for groups of up to 8/12/16 girls for spa packages. Although, once the headcount grows beyond 16 for spa  party packages/event planning, there are logistical steps we then must take to ensure your event still runs smoothly.

For example, as the headcount grows, we need to add more event assistants, change the configuration and/or increase the number of party tables and linens, plan additional activities to keep guests entertained while others are still arriving or being serviced, etc. Essentially, there are more considerations, and subsequently additional coordination efforts, time and supplies, involved when the headcount grows beyond the designated number of guests for your package, and that will be reflected in the estimate we provide for your event.

Minimum/Maximum Attendance: Our mobile spa parties are designed and priced for 8/12/16 children (including the birthday child). You will be charged for that minimum even if less than the number of package guests attend your event. If you have guests show up that are not on your final headcount, we will do our best to include them but cannot guarantee they will receive favors or cupcakes etc. A fee will also be added for any additional guests.

Siblings of guests: Our children party packages cover only the guest of honor and their guests. Please include any siblings in the final guest count if you would like for them to participate in the party activities.

Guest Arriving & Departure Time: We suggest that guests arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the party start time.

*Party Duration – Please note we reserve 2 hours for each mobile spa party/children party packages, but typically parties are 1 and 1/2 hours. 2 hours may be necessary due to a number of factors such as, number of guests, activities, guest participation, etc. For adult party packages we reserve 3 hours.

Party Time: Our packages are between 1 – 3 hours in duration. We will arrive at the venue 30 minutes to 2 hours before the schedule party time to set up and will require up to 45 minutes breakdown time after the party. Your invitation will state a start and end time for your event and the duration will not exceed 2 hours for children events. All The Modern Girl Party & Co. start and end on time, no exceptions. We cannot accommodate parties that last longer than 2 hours for children events and we will not extend your event because of late arrivals ( guest of honor included). It is your responsibility to communicate the party timeline to your guests if you believe this will be an issue. Breakdown of your event will begin at the end time stated on your invitation. If you wish to continue your event after our service is complete, we request that you move your guests to a separate area while we break down.

Custom Themes and Events

We are happy to plan a custom theme for your event and/or arrange for additional services such as photography, catering, etc that are not included in the packages. Custom theme development rates begin at $700 and includes the planning and materials for your custom table settings.

What is a ‘custom-designed event’ and why are they more than the party packages?

We can keep the prices lower on the party packages because the parties are already pre-designed, pre-planned party packages with pre-determined party elements. This means that all of the elements for the party packages (tables, chairs, costumes, china, linens, party table decorations, favors, invitations, etc.) are already in our inventory and all of the games, crafts, cake design, etc. have been pre-determined. Having items already in our inventory allows us to limit and contain the expenses so we can therefore provide a pre-determined package price to you.

When we provide a new theme altogether, we start from scratch. We develop new design ideas, and we design your party plan based specifically on your guests’ ages and gender, wishes and desires. We purchase new props, decor and costumes (when necessary) specifically for your event, coordinate with vendors to provide appropriate entertainment based on the ages and gender of your child’s guests (for example, for a co-ed party) and design custom details that make your event unique.

Essentially, much more coordination, time and supplies go into the planning of our custom-designed events or events where we alter the party package.

So we must charge for that time and for the purchase of additional costumes, supplies, equipment, alternate entertainment, etc.


Set up: Set up of your event happens quickly. We have much to do in a short window of time. For this reason we request that you keep your children and other family members and guests away from the set up area. Time spent interacting with your children and guests takes away from our ability to stay on schedule and get your event set up on time as well as taking the mystery out of our “transformation” of your party space. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Event Execution: Each Modern Girl Party spa party/party is unique. Exact décor, party favors and costumes are subject to change slightly based upon product availability. We do a lot of repeat and referral business and update our event designs frequently to keep them fresh and unique. We will always present a posh event that fits your theme even if exact details vary slightly from things that are depicted on our website. Any major changes will be communicated to you in advance of your event. If there is something you have seen on our website that you want at your event, please ask. We may be able to accommodate you.

Food and Beverages: Mobile spa parties/children party packages- If your package includes refreshments: we will provide lemonade, themed cupcakes, and light finger foods for your event. If you choose to provide your guests with refreshments please inform us prior to your event so that we can verify there will be no potential issues with stains/damage. We ask that tomato based entrees; pastas, greasy or messy foods are not served as they can stain our linens and costumes and make clean up a challenge.

Event Location Requirements: If you choose to hold your event in your home, we request a large cleared out area in your home. We do not move furniture and request that the area be cleared out prior to our arrival. To ensure you have the absolute best experience we recommend adequate space for our spa “stations” and guests at your party. Your spacing requirement will depend on the party option you choose. On average, a large living room or den area, bonus room or the use of multiple rooms in a home will suffice. Please let us know when booking your party how much space will be available and we will ensure we tailor your party experience to meet your needs. You may host your event outdoors; however, the temperature must not exceed 80 degrees at the time of the event set up and located in a shaded area. The area should also be flat and dry. We will not set up in wet grass or mud.

Rain Policy: We will NOT provide refunds due to rain. If you choose to hold your event outside, you must have an alternate rain plan. We will not set up an event in the rain or if there are any signs of rain. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

Other Locations: We are happy to execute your event at the location of your choosing. However, in the event that you choose a hotel, clubhouse or other public local, please be advised that you are responsible for all fees, permits, rentals, etc that may be required to execute your event.

Liability: We strictly provide entertainment. We are not caretakers/babysitters. Please be aware that children, under the age of 3 especially, need to be supervised. We will treat your home with the utmost respect and care. However, we cannot be held responsible for accidental damage caused by a guest. If you have any precious belongings please remove them from the entertaining area to prior to the event.

Cancellations and Refunds: If you must cancel your party for any reason, the following refund policy applies: There will be no refunds given for your deposit or previously paid party balance. If you need to reschedule for any other reason, we will gladly offer you the next date available. If you would like new invitation’s  we will gladly customize them for you at cost. If any bakery items have been ordered no refunds will be given. We will try to have them rescheduled.

Should you have any concerns regarding RSVP attendance, please contact your guests directly to provide an adequate number for your event. *If you have to cancel due to inclement weather, we must have 24 hour notice. The next available party date will also be offered.

Confirm at least 7 days prior to the party date, the number of guests who will be participating. We will then use this information for the proper organization of your event and proper scheduling of staff. The Modern Girl Party & Co. will staff the party according to the number of confirmed participants.

The Modern Girl Party & Co. reserves the right at all times to cancel Party Agreements should issues arrive due to the safety of our staff or conflict between parties.

Issues/Concerns: The Modern Girl Party & Co. assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or damages. In the event of damage or loss of The Modern Girl Party & Co. inventory and/or damage or loss to the party’s location, the financial responsibility lies entirely on the client. The Modern Girl Party & Co. is not responsible for allergic reactions or any other medical reaction stemming from the menu, wearing of costumes, or any activity taken place before, during and/or after the party. In the case of liability and/or financial remuneration due to the aforementioned, the responsibility lies strictly with the client.

Photography: The Modern Girl Party & Co. reserves the right to use photography taken at your event in any promotional media, whether now known or hereafter existing, controlled by The Modern Girl Party & Co. in perpetuity, and for other use by The Modern Girl Party & Co.. However, we respect your privacy and should you not like your party photographed, we will refrain from doing so, or photograph within your stipulations.

Damages: Damage and/or defacement other than normal wear and tear of property belonging to The Modern Girl Party & Co. will result in assessment of charges and billing to the hiring client. The hiring client is responsible for damages to property of The Modern Girl Party & Co. from that of the hiring client and/or guests.

Disclaimer: The Modern Girl Party & Co. spa parties/party packages are entertainment only and treatments are not performed by licensed cosmetologist, nail technicians, or estheticians.

We cannot be held responsible for non-performance of contracted obligations due to certain events including, but not limited to: cancellation or postponement of the event by the Client, riots, war, acts of God (including floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and widespread damage due to other natural disasters), acts of government and other actions of Authorities that are beyond our control.

Other Considerations: For purposes of maintaining the highest quality of our costumes, we kindly ask that any food and beverages that will be served to the children while in costume be approved beforehand. Beverages should be light colored or clear (no cola products or fruit punch)

and please, no food items containing tomatoes, tomato sauce or dark colored jellies. We reserve the right to refuse certain food items that may damage our costumes. Please let us know beforehand what food items you would like to serve. Although we understand accidents may happen, the client may be held responsible for excessive damage to The Modern Girl Party & Co. property.


Client Obligations:

* If selecting one of our table services, provide enough space for the tables and chairs we will bring.

* Provide safe, clean areas for other activities: craft area, make-up and dressing area, and an area for games and/or ceremonies/fashion show.

* Provide a gathering place for parents of the guests if you want them to stay.

* Provide a smoke free environment.

* Please remain with the party at all times.

* Please keep guests, children, and/or parents clear of activity area as we have a set time for party set up and break down.

The Modern Girl Party & Co. has provided this account of our policies and terms of service with the assumption that you have read and agree to our policies before signing the Party Agreement. Please ask for clarification if there are any questions regarding the above policies before reserving your party.

A Party Agreement must be filled-out, signed, and returned to The Modern Girl Party & Co. with the deposit/invoice number.

For a copy of your signed Party Agreement and our Policies please request a copy to be sent through the email, to and we will send you a printable (PDF) version for your records.

The Modern Girl Party & Co. 1-1-17


The Modern Girl Party & Co. prides itself on clear rates and policies, great customer service, and fabulous execution of each event, but prior to booking, we feel it is important to know that every Party Planner & Client are different. A successful event begins from the moment we are contacted until the conclusion of your events. We take into consideration initial rapport, and client interaction, the “right clients” that would work with the way we do business. As a mobile event planning company most times we are entering into the privates homes of our clients and want to feel comfortable, safe, and welcome, with that said – we do not accept or book rude, disrespectful, overly demanding clients. Should you have an issue with any of these details, we are NOT the right company for you and it is at our discretion to not move forward with clients who exhibit any of the offending behavior.


We are an event planning company and the spa party themes are for entertainment only. Additionally, the spa “treatments” are also for entertainment purposes only and not performed by licensed professionals.

If your guests have allergies to any of the materials used (facial masks, nail polish, acetone, etc.) please ensure an alternate activity is available to them.

Any and all liability relies with the client as The Modern Girl Party & Co. nor its staff is responsible for any accidents, allergic reactions, or any other type of injury resulting from the “services” provided.

To the best of our knowledge and ability, we will do everything possible to ensure a fun, safe party experience for all guests

Our spa & beauty themed parties are for entertainment purposes only and are NOT performed by licensed nail technicians. We are an event planning company and our spa theme is very popular, but are activities are limited to nail polish application only.

If you are looking for a more in depth manicure or pedicure treatment, please contact your local nail salon for assistance as they are better equipped to handle your requests.

Reservations: The Modern Girl Party & Co. schedule fills up quickly and it may be necessary to allow atleast 4-6 weeks for party reservations. Although, if you request and we have open, a last minute date, we may be able to provide accommodations. Last minute Reservations are at the discretion of The Modern Girl Party & Co. Team.

Deposit:  NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit Fees vary to each package and are due to reserve a party date. Please see your respective package for deposit rates. Also, for parties purchased through fundraisers, an Invoice number is necessary to reserve your party.

Final Payment: Remaining balance is due at least 14 days prior to your event (should your 2 weeks fall on a weekend date, we request balances be paid the previous business day, Friday) and is based upon your provided final RSVP headcount. If we are unable to process this payment, we reserve the right to cancel your event. Should your party fall within a time frame of less than 2 weeks out, your party balance is due upon receipt.

Booking Information: Deposit: NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit Fees vary to each package and are due to reserve a party date. Please see your respective package for deposit rates.  All upgrades/additions are non-refundable and due at the time of party reservation.

Forms of Payment: The Modern Girl Party & Co. exclusively through Square. These Debit/Credit Card payments are subject to 3.5% processing fee. Personal Checks are advised to avoid processing fee. Once we have determined your final balance we will send an electronic payment request.

Rush Policy: If you are requesting, and we have available, a party date of 2 weeks or less, we will require a rush fee. The rush fee is $50.00. Additionally, if we do not receive your final guest list at least 7 days prior to your event you will be charged a $25 rush fee to accommodate shipping charges of our customized items.

Traveling: The Modern Girl Party & Co. determines mileage fees based on the suggested routes of and apply to areas located 20 miles outside of 34236 with a cap at 30 miles. Want to do a quick test to see if you are located within our service area?

Visit and simply input your address as the start and the 34236 Zip Code for an initial idea. (This information may be subject to change once full addresses are input. )

Area codes over 20-29 miles – $100 Mileage Fee

Area codes over 30-39 miles – $150

Further than 40 miles of 34236 contact The Modern Girl Party & Co. directly to discuss rates.